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Industrial sectors

Mobile Hydraulics

Industry Applications

Technology for fluid power

Gefran is a leading designer and producer of mobile hydraulic sensors and components for the fluid power industry. We offer quality solutions in magnetostrictive, inclinometer, angular positioning, draw wire, and pressure transducer technologies, and these products are designed to improve equipment reliability, increase operational efficiency, and keep operators safe.

Gefran products are used in construction, agriculture, material handling, and more, and in addition to mobile hydraulic applications, we offer solutions for industrial equipment and proportional cylinder control as well.

Our case history

Mobile Hydraulics

Multitel Pagliero chooses Gefran to increase the safety of work at height

Mobile Hydraulics

A unique business partnership makes operators safer



Utility vehicles

Robust, dependable, repeatable, precise movement sensors for the requirements and movements of utility vehicles


Farm equipment

Robust, dependable, repeatable, precise movement sensors for farm machinery


Hoisting machines

Sensors for freight lift and elevator machinery: high performance, robust, dependable solutions for the principal forms of movement of this type of machinery


Earthmoving machines

Bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders, dumpers, graders, and scrapers are subject to changeable weather and heavy working conditions for many hours in a row.


New solutions for mobile hydraulics

A vast range of sensors and devices specifically intended for mobile hydraulics applications.