Utility vehicles

Robust, dependable, repeatable, precise movement sensors for the requirements and movements of utility vehicles

Technical solutions

Waste compactors, fire trucks, salt spreaders, and street sweepers are subject to heavy working conditions and changeable weather. Technical solutions to equip these vehicles must ensure:

  • reliability of instrumentation even under the most extreme working conditions
  • high-performance sensors to guarantee vehicle safety
  • precise control of main mechanical movements

Gefran solutions for heavy-duty vehicles

Gefran offers a package of high-performance, robust, reliable sensors for the main mechanical movements of these vehicles, such as control of steering angle, hydraulic oil pressure, and position of the cylinder that controls opening/closing of the vehicle’s mobile parts.

The solutions designed for these applications include potentiometric (with contact) and magnetostrictive (contactless) technologies for position control.

RK (magnetostrictive) and PMI (potentiometric) solutions provide reliable and repeatable position measurement, adapt to different cylinder types, and are compact and easy to install. Gefran solutions also guarantee pressure control by means of devices that resist shock and vibration.