Farm equipment

Robust, dependable, repeatable, precise movement sensors for farm machinery

Technical solutions

Tractors, combine harvesters, sprayers, balers, and other farm equipment are all subject to changeable weather and heavy working conditions.

Technical solutions to equip these vehicles must ensure:

  • adaptability of instrumentation to all environmental conditions
  • repeatability of movement measurements with precise values
  • reliability under all working conditions


Gefran solutions for agriculture

Gefran offers a package of robust, reliable, repeatable, and precise sensors for the main mechanical movements of these vehicles, such as control of steering angle, hydraulic oil pressure, and position of the cylinder that controls arm opening.

The solutions designed for these position control applications include 2 different technologies: potentiometric (with contact) and magnetostrictive (contactless), offered in ranges with different sensor mechanics that adapt perfectly to the various needs of the agricultural market.

The RK5, a “contactless” sensor with magnetostrictive technology, is designed for mobile hydraulics and is suitable for inside cylinder applications that demand precise and accurate position measurement.

The model PC67 offers potentiometric technology with cable output and Deutsch connector, a configuration that ensures a high IP protection rating and elevated robustness.