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We take care of our people by helping and encouraging them to fulfil their potential

Wellfran, the common ground on which to cultivate our uniqueness.

Wellfran is the set of initiatives and actions through which we take care of the wellbeing of Gefran people so they can nurture their uniqueness and express their full potential.

Remote Work & Flexibility

To promote the work-life balance, remote working has been introduced for company departments compatible with this practice.
For production operators, so-called ‘menu hours’ have been introduced to improve the work-life balance whilst guaranteeing the flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency of production processes.

Welfare & Benefits

The company provides a corporate welfare programme with a package of benefits designed to improve quality of life.

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“Welfare benefits are truly helpful. Healthcare assistance and Gefran welfare platform’s services have improved my quality of life, both inside and outside the office”


“Working remotely has offered me a new way of working that has greatly improved my well-being. I can better manage my time and I’m satisfied with the results I can archive”.


“Thanks to flexible schedules I can better balance my work and personal life. This has allowed me to spend more time with my family and to be more efficient while working.”


“Gefran has created an inclusive place to work where I feel valued and supported. The wellbeing initiatives have been of great help in various occasions”.


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