New solutions for mobile hydraulics

A vast range of sensors and devices specifically intended for mobile hydraulics applications.

Gefran offers a complete range of sensor solutions specifically for mobile hydraulics.


  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Material Handling

Gefran offers a product portfolio of sensors to equip your vehicles that provide end-users with a vehicle that is robust, reliable and safe – works every time the way you designed the vehicle to work.

Gefran does this by designing in specific features in its product portfolio that the industry and customer demand.


Products and services offered

  • a wide range of products that ensure robustness, reliability and safety
  • industry leading technical support and training
  • premier customer service
  • worldwide sales network

A wide product range, diversified technologies and a 40 year history working with vehicle builders and vehicle component manufacturers make Gefran a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced partner.

Gefran offers  the mobile hydraulics industry robust, dependable solutions for applications involving changed working conditions.