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Responsible management of the value chain

Involvement and sharing of paths and objectives

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The involvement of the supply chain and the sharing of sustainability values and principles is essential to achieving our sustainability goals.
This means working with companies committed to respecting human rights, protecting the health and safety of workers and safeguarding the environment.

Ours is an inclusive approach aimed at supporting our suppliers – a significant part of the value chain – in order to integrate these concerns in their businesses. We do this by sharing the culture of sustainability with the aim of raising awareness on the effects of the choices they are required to make on a daily basis.

Where possible we prioritise short supply chains, emphasising the importance of long-term relationships and contributing to the development of the areas in which we operate. Local suppliers account for approximately 90% of the Group’s procurement costs.

Through the Sustainability Pact, we ask our suppliers to manage their businesses ethically and responsibly, respecting both people and the environment. We monitor this via an advanced and educational audit plan. Our commitment to increasingly extending the adherence to said pact will also continue in the coming years.

Gefran has exceptionally close ties with the local areas in which it operates and contributes to projects and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life in communities through collaborations with schools and universities, social, educational, health and sports initiatives, and via its involvement in numerous local organisations.

Group procurement costs in 2023
(values in Euros/000)
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  • 60.552
    Sourcing from local suppliers
  • 8.228
    Sourcing from other suppliers
Waste produced in 2023 by type
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  • 87.7%
  • 12.3%
Waste produced in 2023 by destination
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  • 67.1%
  • 32.9%

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