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How to grow together

No distinction is made between the company and its people: Gefran is its people

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Gefran is Beyond Technology. And beyond technology, there are people: the promise is to create value for all stakeholders through a professional organisation to which it is truly desirable to belong.
The Group has set itself ambitious goals: for quality of life within the company and outside, health and safety in the workplace, equal opportunities for professional growth and career development, respect for diversity and customer satisfaction.

We are a multicultural family business with Italian roots and a global vision which celebrates uniqueness and diversity in an inclusive work environment, generating value through our differences.

For us, talent lies in the uniqueness of each and every individual, fuelled by our continuous desire to innovate. We invest significantly in the growth of people, recognising that competitiveness depends on people’s individual contribution to achieving our goals.

Training is a fundamental pillar, permeating several projects and focused on strengthening skills and professional growth through FLY, the Gefran Talent Academy.

Quality of life at the company goes beyond work, embracing the culture of health, occupational safety and IT security. We implement welfare programmes and are committed to respecting the highest quality standards, as demonstrated by the various certifications awarded to our Integrated Management System (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and SA8000).

Among the objectives we have set ourselves as part of our Strategic Plan stands the promotion of female access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) disciplines, a project with which we are committed to overcoming gender stereotypes and involving families and schools in order to provide more equitable and inclusive educational opportunities.

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