Gefran and Frigosystem partnership for technical excellence in industrial processes thermoregulation

Innovative solutions with a low environmental footprint

Gefran and Frigosystem

The right process temperature represents a key production factor when considering applications with strict thermal tolerance, such as raw materials transformation, where even slight temperature variations can negatively impact the overall operation performance. The partnership between Gefran and Frigosystem originates from this exact context, where the respective gained know-how is constantly shared in order to develop custom solution under the banner of technological excellence and energy efficiency.


Founded in 1970, Frigosystem designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the refrigeration and thermal regulation of industrial processes, providing a worldwide reach thanks to its capillary technical support. The company, with a turnover surpassing 13 million euros, operates in markets ranging from plastic materials transformation to packaging and even aerospace applications, which require great expertise when supplying high precision and temperature stable systems.


The partnership

Reliability, scalability, production flexibility and an easy set-up, outline the main winning factors of this partnership, where both companies jointly develop cutting edge solutions to satisfy every applicational need, even the most challenging. Here, Gefran’s added value stems directly from its ability to combine the wide range of smart regulators and SSR to the system’s required software customization.

The custom version of the 1350 controller represents a noteworthy mention, being used to manage heating cycles in plastic materials transformation processes. This solution, designed with the collaboration of both technical teams, boosts the controller by integrating key process features and adding a dedicated user interface. In addition to its extremely accurate thermoregulation performance, this custom version allows the client to control various machine parameters, such as input and output when controlling pumps, and to share useful data regarding temperature and actuators status.


Besides the 1350 controller, Frigosystem has also chosen the GRS-H solid state relays with integrated diagnostic, which are an ideal fit for any plastic material processing machine thanks their rapid detection of load breaks and control loop errors. Amongst the many advantages noted by the Client: these SSR can minimize machine downtime, while also reducing scrap production, therefore lowering processing costs. The GRS-H SSRs are available in various current ratings from 15A and 120A, with voltages up to 600 Vac, and guarantee an easy set-up and a long-lasting performance.

Our partnership, now 20 years old, renews itself everyday thanks to our shared commitment towards developing innovative solutions with a low environmental footprint” states Alessandro Grassi – Frigosystem’s CEO, who continues “We particularly appreciate how Gefran manages to satisfy every specific requirement, in a partnership of continuous and fruitful exchange, destined to grow further as time goes on”.