Position sensor in a cold-chamber die casting machine

How to monitor the main process variables in a cold chamber die casting machine, ensuring the highest safety standards

In a cold chamber die casting process is important:

  • the real-time control with excellent resolution
  • the repeatability of different process variables, such as the positions of the mold and the ejectors of the part, is important.

Thanks to our sensor, it is possible to measure in real time:

  • the resistance to shocks and stresses and the control of the forces impressed at each cycle require a continuous balancing

The magnetostrictive position sensor WPP-A Hyperwave, pressure sensors KS, strain and force sensors TPSA and QE 1008 W and ML 1018 allow to get control of: the mold plate, the oil pressure of the hydraulic circuit, the nitrogen injection and the clamping force of the die.

Download the application note and learn all the details

Sensor for cold chamber die casting machines

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