The insertion and disinsertion of an electrical load requires the use of a suitable switching device and protection that is safe and immune to interference.

Many industrial applications require the load to be activated with very short switching times in order to maintain accurate control.

The solution is to use solid-state relays. Gefran offers a range of solid state relay units, GTS, with current ratings between 10A and 120A and nominal voltages of 230Vac, 480Vac.

According to the type of load, there are Triac versions, and double SCR versions.

All models have been designed to guarantee continuous operation at the full current rating in an ambient temperature up to 40°C.

For less critical operations, it is possible to use the products at currents greater than their nominal rating (refer to the heat dissipation curves).

A range of accessories is available: fuses, fuse-holders and DIN rail connections.


Zero-voltage switching. Current range: 15 A to 120A

  • Input control from logic signal
  • Switching at voltage zero crossing
  • Versions with TRIAC and with double SCR in antiparallel
  • LED power on indicator
  • MOV protections (varistor)
  • Fastening to DIN bar (standard); fastening to panel (optional)

Downloads for GTS

Gefran product range brochure
IR Solution
Power control
Cross Reference Codes
GTS datasheet
GTS Installation Handbook

Certifications for GTS

UL Certifications - UL - GS - GTS - GTT