Main features & Overview


R-TEMP4 module is equipped with a microprocessor with digital outputs and analog inputs.

It has optically-isolated 24 VDC PNP digital outputs.

Each input is protected against polarity inversion and each output is protected against short circuit, overload, and overtemperature.

An LED lights to signal presence of the output.

It controls 4 optically-isolated analog inputs, configurable via software, for thermocouples and resistance thermometers, voltage (0-10V and 0-2.5V), current (0-20mA), strain-gauge and potentiometer.

A/D conversion is 16 bit.

The conversion system is sequential on 4 channels.

Particularly suitable for complete control of four temperature zones.

Thanks to the versatility of its analog inputs, it can also be used to acquire strain-gauge and potentiometer signals.

The module installs on the RBUS(x) back-plane, from which it is powered.


  •     Optically-isolated I/O
  •     8 configurable digital outputs 24VDC ±25%
  •     4 analog inputs, configurable via software (V, I, TC, RTD, potentiometer, strain-gauge) 16 bit A/D conversion
  •     2 CT inputs 16 bit A/D conversion
  •     Protected against polarity inversion, overload and overtemperature
  •     LED power supply diagnostics, I/O, module status and alarm
  •     Extractable connectors supplied


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