Why choose an all-electric press?

Energy efficiency, greater precision and repeatability, shorter process cycle time, reliability, silent running. These are just some of the amazing features of new all-electric presses which, along with an excellent price/performance ratio, will convince you to choose these presses.

All-electric press

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to buy an injection press you could choose one with toggle clamping or one that was completely hydraulic. Today, major builders of injection presses offer alternative solutions.

Starting in the 1980s, all-electric injection presses – run entirely by electric motors – became increasingly popular. They subsequently covered a wider and wider range and a larger market, and costs dropped. This popularity was due to their long list of advantages compared to hydraulic presses.


Energy efficiency

This is the biggest incentive for buying an all-electric press, in which maximum power is delivered only when the mold is opened and closed and during injection.

Energy consumption is practically zero in holding sequences. In a hydraulic press, the oil that is used to transmit energy always works at maximum pressure, so the motor that delivers power to the entire hydraulic circuit always consumes maximum electrical energy.

This means that delivered power is always maximum in a hydraulic press, whereas delivered power is about 50% less in an all-electric press.


Work with greater precision

All-electric presses also guarantee greater precision and repeatability of work processes because they use computerized systems. Up to the 1980s, CNC units were installed only on very high precision machines, but over the years they were also installed on hi-tech presses, like electric presses.

Now, electric presses equipped with a Numerical Control Computer are real machine tools. With the advantage of digital control, the process on electric presses is fully repeatable and requires no special setup to conform to requested specifications.

Shorten cycle process times

Another important benefit provided by an all-electric press is shorter process cycle time. With constant check of every positioning, precise control of screw feed and pressure, the process is perfected and the time of each step is reduced. This shortens the overall production time.

On an all-electric press you can also combine a few operations, reducing downtimes and total production time. This results in greater output, higher quality, and thus higher profit.


Gefran’s all-electric solutions

Gefran has in-depth knowledge of the demands of the plastics market, and with its all-electric solution it is a reliable and expert partner for OEMs as well as for end users.
Gefran designs and builds products installable on all-electric presses, such as:

  • sensor
  • hardware and software automation platforms

With products employing Sensormate technology, Gefran offers solutions to measure physical variables and to control all-electric presses, monitoring signals for management and control of tie bar strain, mold protection, and injection pressure.