Main features & Overview


The R-TC8 module has a processor with 8 optically isolated temperature inputs configurable via software, plus 16 digital outputs for temperature control.

The 8 inputs are for thermocouple type J, K. Acquisition time is less than 120 ms for the 8 channels.

Scales are in tenths of a degree.

The module has 16 digital outputs at 24 VDC, type PNP, with maximum current of 0.5 A per channel, used typically for heating and/or cooling.

Any available outputs can also be used to control the machine cycle.

All outputs have current recycle circuitry for inductive loads, and are protected against short-circuit, overload, and overheating.

There is also a 24 VDC type NPN digital input to measure the period of the applied signal.

Maximum input frequency is 1 kHz.

The module is installed on the R-BUS(x) from which it receives its power supply.


  • 8 optically isolated inputs for thermOcouple
  • Thermocouples type J K
  • 16 optically isolated digital outputs
  • 1 optically isolated frequency input 1,5kHz
  • Software configuration of TC or TR inputs
  • Diagnostics LEDs for power supplies, outputs, and alarm
  • Removable connector supplied
  • In Conformity with UL508


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Gefran product range brochure
4.0 plastic application catalogue
R-TC8 datasheet
Installation and Operation manual


EU Conformity declaration_Gilogik II
UL Certifications - UL - GILOGIK II