Main features & Overview


The R-E16 module has 16 optically isolated digital inputs, 24 VDC, PNP, and acquires logic signals from proximity sensors, drives, etc. It is installed on the backplanes of the R-BUS(x), from which it receives auxiliary power supply (LED).

Each input is protected against inversion of polarity and has signal LEDs to indicate its state.

Each has a twin input filter (10 ms or 200 µs selectable via software) and be controlled individually at interrupt with front selectable via software.


  • 16 digital inputs 24 Vdc
  • PNP optically isolated Inputs
  • Filters selectable individually via software
  • Protection against inversion of polarity
  • Interrupt control for each input with front selectable via software
  • Removable connector supplied
  • In conformity with UL508


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R-E16 datasheet
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