Parison LX Template

Parison LX Template

Main features
  • Ready to use application software
  • Completely customizable
  • PARISON control
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Technical specifications


Parison LX Template is a preconfigured application software that manages the PARISON profile required for plastic blow molding machines.

The Template provides control and full configurability of the PARISON profile control. A series of graphic interface pages are provided for quick and simple configuration of the PARISON profile.

In addition, graphic display of the configured profile lets you check it immediately and improve it if necessary.

A closed-loop PID control can be enabled for efficient control of the PARISON profile in synchronism with the machine cycle.

In addition to standard injection machine functions, the Template provides a series of automation functions:

  • Active and historical alarms management
  • Recipe management (configuration and production)
  • Multilanguage management

The Template software is open-source code for easy customization of the graphic interface and of machine control.

  • Ready to use application software
  • Completely customizable
  • PARISON control
    • 300 points
    • 100 master points
    • Profile thickness setup
    • Weight setup
    • Profile shift
    • Purge command
    • Manual profile execution
    • Divergent/Convergent selection
    • Closed-loop PID parison control
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