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Main features
  • Ready to use application software
  • Completely customizable
  • Extruder control
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Technical specifications


Plastic Extrusion Template is a preconfigured application software for quick and simple control of a single extruder.

The Template provides management of 12 temperature control zones, control of 2 motors configurable as Master/Slave, and control with synchronism.    

Innovative solutions for efficient power management have been introduced for temperature control. Based on its many years of experience in extrusion control, Gefran has developed dedicated energy optimization controls for two phases of the extrusion process: a first Warm-up phase, with Energy Saving function, and a second Production phase, with Smart Power Manager function.

In addition to standard extrusion functions, the Template provides a series of automation functions:

  • Active and historical alarms management
  • User management
  • Recipe management (configuration and production)
  • Multilanguage management
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Graphs for temperature and analog trends
  • Operator access log
  • Weekly clock for temperature control activation
  • Remote access
  • Connection to HMI/Scada via Modbus TCP

The Template software is open-source code for easy customization of the graphic interface and of machine control.

  • Ready to use application software
  • Completely customizable
  • Extruder control
  • 12 temperature control zones
  • Management of 2 motors
  • Configuration of Master/Save motors with synchronism
  • Smart power manager
  • Energy saving
  • Closed loop melt pump control
  • Efficient load interrupt control  


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