End of Production


End of Production

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Technical specifications


GF_PackParison is Gefran’s complete product for Parison thickness control in a blower machine with continuous extrusion or with accumulation head.

It consists of standard hardware and software modules:
– user interface with Gefran Industrial PCs, with 10”, 12” and 15” color monitors, touch screen
– Gefran “GILOGIK II” I/O modules with digital and analog inputs and outputs, displacement sensors
– temperature control modules, Gefran Geflex single loop and multiloop, with on-board solid-state relays
– software applications preconfigured and preloaded on user interface.

In addition to specific functions for each application, all packets offer:
– immediate and intuitive graphics interface to manage temperature control and to control motors/pumps
– complete management of Parison control parameters
– Parison control in closed or open loop
– management of recipes and optimum work values (exportable via USB port)
– trends for temperatures and essential production values
– report on process values (exportable)
– printing of configurable parameters and pages
– counters for scheduled maintenance procedures
– scheduled system auto-on
– videocamera via Ethernet (netcam) for real time remote control of system “hot points”
– remote assistance via modem and Internet
– complete hardware (PLC) diagnostics, including short circuit of signals and actuators
– multilanguage management (including Chinese and Russian characters)
– various password levels at page level and for single data items
– easy system access, local and remote, via Ethernet (centralization, diagnostics, upgrade)

The GF_PackParison solution is also available only for Parison control management. In addition to complete management of Parison thickness control (max 6 tests), this solution includes:
– Alarms management
– Recipes management
– Parison management for accumulation or continuous extrusion
– Multilanguage
– Management of page/variables access at operator levels


 Main Page
 Accumulator page
 Alarm history page
 Operator log page
Parison edit page
Parison page
 Utility page

  • Graphics pages to control Parison
  • Configuration pages to control slide translation, molds
  • Configuration pages to control nozzle movement
  • Dynamic configurability of temperature control zones
  • Recipe management for work and machine parameters


  • Continuous extrusion blowers (single – double)
  • Accumulation head blowers
  • Stand-alone Parison solution