AXM View

High RealTime performace control panel

AXM View

High RealTime performace control panel

Main features
  • Control Panel with integrated HMI
  • One programming environment.
  • 10.4”, 12.1" and 15” color display, resistive touch screen
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Technical specifications


The AXM Platform is a Control Panel PC-based proposal with dedicated keyboard for injection moulding machine with different HMI and keyboard formats.
The control panels of the AXM View family allow you to view, set and manage all machine automation data.
The operator interacts with a color touch screen and a keyboard designed for injection machines and complete with the main functionalities.

According to the model, the screen size can be from 10.4 “, 12.1” or 15 “vertical, the keyboards matched to the screen go from the base for the 10.4” to the full for the version 12.1 “and 15” vertical.

The use of an Intel ATOM low-consumption processor, plus an extremely efficient design (no fans or moving parts), eliminates all maintenance.

Two available processor frequencies 1GHz and 1.3 GHz are chosen and matched according to the size of the screen and the characteristics of the injection machine (hydraulic, hybrid, full electric).

The Control Panel has several communication ports (USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS485 and CAN) and different protocols, GDNET (Master), Modbus TCP/IP (MasterSlave), CANopen (Master), Modbus RTU (Master/ Slave)), always in relation to the chosen control panel and the type of machine.

The 2 GB internal mass memory can be expanded with SD cards.

Programming is done with a single development tool: GF_Project VX, which ensures complete and fast management of application software by means of the five standard IEC61131-3 languages and a powerful graphic editor.

The AXM View control panels are completed with the specific Application Template for Injection machines for immediate use and easy customization, as a result of many years of experience of Gefran’s  in the Injection molding machines market.

The range of AXM View control panels in combination with AXM I/O or Gilogik II I/O is the complete solution for the management and control of Injection moulding machines, allows the management of sequences, the management of processing processes, the setting and displaying data and connectivity.

•Control Panel with integrated HMI
•One programming environment.
•10.4”, 12.1″ and 15” color display, resistive touch screen
•IP65 front panel protection level
•Wide range of communication ports and protocols


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