New parking spots at our headquarters

Identifying and adopting innovative solutions to ensure energy efficiency and the use of energy from renewable sources is one of Gefran's main goals.

The project

The new parking area project was started and completed in 2023 thanks to a synergy with the subsidiary Elettropiemme Srl, which among its business activities also deals with energy efficiency.

In order to bring to life a greener and larger parking area, canopies equipped with photovoltaic panels were placed to cover the parking lot.

The system will be able to generate up to a maximum of 400KW and will save 108 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of planting nearly 5,000 trees.

This project adds to other concrete actions in our sustainable development strategy, allowing us on the one hand to increase renewable energy production and on the other hand to improve the facilities offered to all Gefran People.

Gefran's goal

Gefran’s goal is to reach 100% of the Group’s electricity needs with energy from certified renewable sources. In Italy, the electricity purchased from the grid comes from the signing, as of September 2020, of contracts for the purchase of 100% GREEN energy from certified renewable sources. These contracts initially covered the plants of Gefran Spa and Gefran Soluzioni Srl, the companies where the largest consumption of electricity is concentrated. In 2022, Elettropiemme was also added. Today, all of the Group’s Italian companies are covered by the supply. During 2023, the project was also extended to foreign subsidiaries, in particular the German Gefran Gmbh and the Belgian Gefran Benelux, which in turn signed specific contracts with their local energy suppliers.