Pressure and position transducers for automatic Insulating glass assembly line

Learn how to control the automated assembly process of insulating glass units

Accurate and competitive measurement at the glass assembly stage

In the production of insulating glass the use of pressure and position transducers is a solution that enables an accurate and competitive measurement in the assembly phase of the glass in order to guarantee thermal insulation thanks to:

  • the small size of PZ-12 and PA1 position sensors  that provides a flexible and convenient solution for installation in reduced spaces;
  • pressure sensors with electronics spaced from the sensing element allows measurement of melt polymers at temperatures up to 400°C;
  • TPFADA pressure transducer for resin injection pressure;
  • solid state relay with zero-crossing function and current control in the heating elements that melt the resin.
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Position and pressure transducers for automatic insulating glass assembly lines

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