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  • Rectilinear displacement transducer without drag shaft, completely water-tight (IP67), designed to work in humid environments and in temporary immersion (CEI EN 60529)
  • The PME series has an external magnetic actuator linked to an internal measurement cursor
  • The magnetic cursor replaces the drag shaft used in traditional displacement transducers, making the instrument even more compact
  • Installation is made simpler because there is no variation in the electrical output signal outside the Theoretical Electrical Stroke
  • The instrument can be used in compressed air applications with max. working pressure of 20 bar; 50 bar peak


Displacement Transducers
Gefran product range brochure
PME datasheet
EU Conformity declaration - PME
EU Conformity declaration 399 - PME

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PME12 V2.dwg

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PME-12-F-0050-S V2.easm
PME-12-F-0050-S V2.IGS
PME-12-F-0050-S V2.STEP

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