Main features & Overview



  • Digital output signal with DP404 CAN OPEN communication protocol
  • Transmission frequency (Baud rate): 10 Kbaud to 1 Mbaud (default 500 Kbaud)
  • Software / Hardware selection of Baud rate and ID nodes
  • Operation with 1 or 2 settable alarm limits
  • "Autozero" for temperature compensation
  • Zero and span drift compensation
  • 80% FS calibration signal
  • Pressure ranges: 0-35 to 0-2000 bar / 0-500 to 0-15000 psi
  • Extensimetric measurement principle with Wheatstone bridge
  • Precision: < ± 0.25% FS (H); < ±0.5% FS (M)
  • Hydraulic transmission system to guarantee temperature stability.
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Standard threading: 1/2-20 UNF, M18x1.5; other versions on request
  • Stainless steel 17-7 PH diaphragm with TiN (titanium nitride) coating
  • Other types of diaphragm on request


Gefran product range brochure
Melt pressure sensors
4.0 plastic application catalogue
WD datasheet
Can Open DP404 Digital Output (Operating Handbook)
Manual of electrical installation for pressure probes
User’s Manual – Pressure Sensors for high temperature
EDS (MD, WD, KD CanOpen)
Kunstoffemagazine 12/2010: Schmelzedruckmessung mit neuem Impuls


EU Conformity declaration_not amplified Melt K min 500bar
GTP+ FDA Certificate