eView HD

Main features & Overview


Operator panel allowing display and set of data.

Colour touch screen available in four versions: 10.4” or 15”, either horizontal or vertical.

Connection to the Controller made by DVI-D and USB cables.

eView HD HMI products combine state-of-the-art connectivity features and top performance in a great design. Products have been designed as IoT edge devices with the combination of a powerful controller with networking capability (up to 3 Ethernet networks) and outstanding communication options including client/server OPC UA. They are the ideal choice for all demanding IoT edge applications in factory, marine and building automation. The glass projected capacitive touchscreen and the brilliant displays with size up to 21.5” and resolution up to 1920x1080
guarantee great optical performance; with the support of multitouch gesture programming they can create the most natural human interfaces.

• eView HD products have been designed to run the  GF Designer HD software for powerful HMI applications.

• Gateway function with OPC UA Server and Client.

• Secure connectivity with Gefran Cloud and full network separation.

• Powerful browser wih industry standard Web engines.



  • Capacitive multi-touch wide screen TFT colour monitor with touch-screen
  • Slim, compact design
  • IP67 panel front versions
  • Full IP 67 front and back versions


Automation platforms
Gefran product range brochure
4.0 plastic application catalogue
eView HD IP67 Installation Manual and Operation manual
eView HD Installation Manual and Operation manual
eView Hd IP67 Installation guide
eView HD IP67 Installation guide gef.r-cavpoex1.5 + usb
eView HD IP67 Installation guide gef.r-sup67-1
eView HD IP67 Installation guide gef.r-sup67-2
eView HD IP67 Installation guide gf_poe2460


EU Conformity declaration_Operating panels & Keyboards
EU Conformity declaration - eView-HD 67
EU Conformity declaration - eView-HD