Main features & Overview


GFW electric power controllers provide complete single-bi-three phase modular solutions from 40 A up to 600 A per phase, suited to manage linear and non linear loads for electric heating in a wide range of industrial applications, equipped with easy to replace on-board fuses and settable analogue outputs to retransmit controlled variables.

Universal commands

The construction flexibility allows you to control GFW controllers with analogue signals in 0-10V voltage, 4-20mA current, with potentiometers, with ON/OFF linear signals or in PWM mode.

Single signals allow you to control biphase and three-phase models even as single independent single-phase.

The control power values can also be directly sent via one of the multiple available Fieldbus, with convenient cascading IN/OUT connections.

Control functions

To adapt to the multiple possible applications, even the Power module firing choice can be set on the product; you can choose between various types of “Zero crossing” with fixed cycle times or optimised for linear loads and high heat inertia systems, or for fast firing modes, like the Half Single Cycle and Phase angle, to better control non linear loads like SWIR infrared lamps, Super Kanthal and Silicon carbide heating elements or single and three-phase transformer primaries directly.

Soft Start, current limits settable for both peak values and RMS values and closed loop Voltage, Current and Power feedback algorithms complete the control.

A universal PID temperature controller can be built into some models to optimise space and costs and manage a temperature and power control loop with a single device.

Diagnostic, preventive manintenance and alarms

Some of the strengths of this range include the multiple diagnostic functions, preventive maintenance and alarms for current, voltage and temperature.

- Total and partial interrupted load alarm with alarm threshold auto-learning
- SCR short circuit alarm
- Short circuit or surge load alarm
- Broken internal fuse alarm

- No voltage alarm.
- Incorrect rotation of the three phases alarm in three-phase systems
- Unbalanced three-phase line alarm temperature
- Power module temperature monitoring with automatic off in the event of overheating alarm
- Temperature measurement of all power terminals with loosened connection alarm
- Fan output temperature measurement for cooling efficiency diagnostics
- No fan power alarm


  • Current capacities from 40 A up to 600 A, 480 Vac, 600 Vac, 690 Vac
  • Synchronised Single-Bi-Three phase configurations
  • Firing mode configurable in “Zero crossing” (Fixed Cycle, Burst Firing, Half Single Cycle ) and “Phase angle”
  • Analogue control inputs configurable in Volt, mA, potentiometer and digital “PWM”
  • Settable retransmission analogue outputs
  • Optional inputs from external TA and TV
  • Current limits
  • Feedback V, V2, I, I2, P
  • Optional built-in PID temperature controller
  • Total and partial interrupted load alarms with relay outputs
  • Built-in fuses
  • Temperature sensors on power terminals and air inlet
  • Fieldbus: PROFINET, Profibus, Modbus TCP/RTU, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, Canopen
  • Configuration keyboard and monitor
  • PC configuration tool with configuration wizard ( SMART )
  • CE, UL, CSA certifications and SCCR UL
  • 508 100KA approvals


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UK Conformity declaration - GFW