Main features & Overview


The eGT-I Operator Panel is designed for plastic/rubber injection machines, and displays and sets process and configuration data.

The operator uses a 10.4” color touch screen with 43 keys (34 preset and 9 programmable).

The preset keys give the operator direct access to the most common functions, such as setting machine mode (manual, automatic, etc.), mould opening/closing, etc.

The front panel has a USB 2.0 port for connection with data import/export functions via USB key.

The Operator Panel is connected to the Controller with a DVI-D cable and a USB cable.


  • Designed for plastic/rubber injection machines
  • 10.4” color display with resistive touch screen for machines
  • Integrated keyboard for manual movements and settings machine
  • Front panel USB 2.0 port for easy data transfer
  • IP54 front panel protection degree
  • Provision for electromechanical buttons
  • Removable labels for customization (9 buttons)
  • Label logo


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EU Conformity declaration_Operating panels & Keyboards