Main features & Overview


An innovative, integrated system to control power and temperature, designed for industrial electric heating processes.

The system architecture is optimized for temperature control of multizone plants.

It consists of a control unit, i.e., the PID microprocessor controller plus load control device (AT and VT), and a power module (SSR) with aluminum heat sink.

The system is compact and easy to install and use.


Ideal for control of resistive loads from 25 Amperes to 120 Amperes

  • Three versions:
    MASTER - independent temperature control and communication unit
    SLAVE - independent temperature control unit
    EXPANSION - for three-phase loads
  • SSR (Solid State Relay) zero crossing
  • Rated voltage: 480Vac rms, 50-50Hz
  • Rated current (AC1): 25A, 40A, 60A, 90A, 120A
  • Protection: IP20
  • Installation: DIN bar and panel
  • Universal temperature input, accuracy 0.2%
  • Configurable digital input
  • Logic output or "cooling" relay
  • Load current detection with integrated CT
  • Heat/cool PID, selection of cooling fluid, self-tuning,auto-tuning, soft-start
  • 4 generic alarms, LBA and HB alarms
  • 2 configurable relay outputs
  • Serial: RS485 optically isolated "Modbus RTU" serial protocol
  • Field bus: PROFIBUS DP, CANopen


Gefran product range brochure
Power control
GFX 25-120 Amp datasheet
CANopen installation and operation manual
Catalog Read Me
GF_eXpress ReadMe
GF_eXpress UserGuide
HW - Installation and Operation Manual
SW - Programming and Configuration
GFX Devicenet files
GFX GSD V06 files
GFX GSD files
Catalog ver. 2.91.0
GF_eXpress ver 2.1.39
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UL Certifications - UL - GFX - 25 - 120