GEFRAN presents its new GF_Promer universal programmer/controller: easy, fast, and versatile

19 december 2011

Gefran launches the new release of its GF_PROMER (abbreviation of Gefran Programmer) with even higher performance and a new look.

GF_PROMER is a setpoint programmer/controller with up to 300 steps in 100 programmes and up to 4 control loops. Its ease and immediacy of use, plus rapid programming of the user interface, make it the simplest and most intuitive product on the market.

Among it main applications, GF_PROMER is ideal for heat treatment furnaces, climatic chambers, dryers and autoclaves typically used for batch processes, which require functions such as timed setpoint generation.

GF_PROMER offers flexible HW architecture, simple SW configuration, and immediate process information.

3.5” and 5.7” colour touch screen panels provide an immediate and intuitive graphic interface for access to all machine control and configuration data.

The instrument is completely configurable on-screen, without the support of external PC development environments. A simple click is all it takes to select which and how many channels to control as programmer and how to control the individual setpoint generators, allowing the GF_Promer to be scaled to the needs of each user.

New graphics pages let you control the state of individual channels, programme execution, check process interblocks or alarm logics. A single page displays information on programme state in trend format, single channel values (Setpoint and Measurement), event outputs state, and consent inputs state.

Variables display on trend pages and a data archive in Datalogging form, with export to file in .CSV format, provide production data reports typical of paperless recorders.

Essential functions such as alarms control, clock/calendar for automatic programme start/stop, integration in Modbus TCP supervision networks, and page remoting functions for machine diagnostics or set-up are available for unequalled flexibility.

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