The future of industrial electric heating is already here: Gefran presents the new GPC and GSLM series

December 17, 2020

In heat treatment applications, the accurate control of electric heating loads enables a precise and efficient temperature control, with a consequent positive impact in terms of energy saving. To this regard, Gefran closes a 2020 that has been full of novelties by launching the GPC Power Controller series and GSLM series of power management units for electrical loads.

In the perspective of Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance, the latest generation of GPC advanced power controllers stands out for even more performing features built in a robust device and yet one of the most compact on the market. In particular, the GPC series provides complete single, two, or three phase modular solutions, each available from 40A to 600A and suitable to manage linear and non linear loads (MoSi2, Sic, SWIR, Graphite and Transformers) for the electric heating of a broad range of industrial applications requiring high temperatures. Among these are: vacuum ovens, glass tempering, autoclaves for laminated glass or composite material and holding furnaces for aluminium.

If several heating zones need to be started simultaneously inside a heat treatment company with multiple high power furnaces, a significant peak in demand for electric energy may occur.” specifies Paolo Buzzi, Product Marketing Manager Controllers & Power Controllers at Gefran who continues, “This condition, in addition to having an economic impact in the event extra charges apply to consumption peaks, may also cause the safety limit to be exceeded, with a potential intervention of protections and consequent stop of the production process. For this reason” he concludes, “together with the launch of the GPC Power Controllers, we are introducing the GSLM series on the market with the aim of a smart energy management that enables users and providers to efficiently use the energy provided by the distribution grid”.

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