Main features & Overview


The TPD32 EV series of digital converters is a product of the ever growing technological demands of modern industrial systems, and draws on Gefran’s years of experience in the field of DC motor speed control.

TPD32 EV is available in a wide range of motor power ratings and power supply types. It offers solutions for both 2 quadrant and 4 quadrant operation and system solution as 12 pulses parallel and series configuration.

Designed to minimize user system requirements, the TPD32 offers a range of functions and dedicated application packages to cover the most complex requirements of modern industrial automation systems.

Quick start up
Autotuning of the speed and current regulators
5 Independent programmable Multi-ramps
Programmable Linear and “S”shaped ramps
7 Programmable Multispeeds
Independent regulation of the Min/Max speed for each direction sense of rotation
Current limitation in accordance with the speed
Adaptive gains of the speed regulator
Independent management of the integral gain at zero speed
Programmable overload control
Jog function
Motorpotentiometer function
I2t motor protection
PID function block
Servodiameter control function
“Speed Draw” function
“Autocapture” function (Flying restart)
"Droop" function

Programming keypad  KB – TPD32 EV
I/O expansion card TBO-32
Profibus interface SBI-PDP-32
DeviceNet interface SBI-DN
CANopen interface SBI-COP

Special configurations
12 Pulses parallel control
12 Pulses series control
System configuration up to 4800A
AC Mains up to 1000Vac


Digital converters, from 20A to 3300A
*  3ph 230Vac…500Vac, 50/60Hz; 3ph 575Vac 50/60Hz; 3ph 690Vac, 50/60Hz
* Rated currents: from 20A to 3300A (biquadrant and tetraquadrant)
* IP20 (IP00 for currents over the 2700A)
* Marks: CE, UL, cUL, EAC

500Vac Line
. 3ph supply: 230Vac…500Vac 50/60Hz
. biquadrant (..-2B): from 20A up to 3300A
. tetraquadrant (..-4B): from 20A up to 3300A

575Vac Line
. 3ph supply: 575Vac 50/60Hz
. biquadrant (..-2B): from 280A up to 2300A
. tetraquadrant (..-4B): from 280A up to 2300A

690Vac Line
. 3ph supply: 690Vac 50/60Hz
. biquadrant (..-2B): from 560A up to 3300A
. tetraquadrant (..-4B): from 560A up to 3300A

Integrated field regulator on all the range
. 1ph supply: 230Vac…460Vac 50/60Hz
Speed feedback via tachogenerator and/or digital or sinusoidal encoder
Digital I/O logic control in PNP and/or NPN configuration
3 Differential analog inputs ±10Vdc (0..4-20mA)
2 Analog outputs (±10Vdc)
2 Encoder inputs (digital and/or sinusoidal)
1 Tachogenerator input
8 Digital inputs (4 fixed + programmable)
4 Optocoupled Digital outputs
2 Relay outputs
1 Motor thermistor input
RS485 Serial line (ModbusRTU protocol)
Programmable overload up to 200%
Interfacing with fieldbus protocol as: ProfibusDP, CANopen, DeviceNet
Protection degree:
. IP20 up to 2400A (..-2B…-4B)
. IP00 for bigger powers


Drive Overview, Guide to choices
Gefran product range brochure
Solutions for metal
TPD32-EV, DC Armature Converters
4.0 Gefran product catalog
TPD32-EV, DC Armature Converters
APC300 Application Card
ARS-485, Supply interface
Catalog Read Me
DEII, Digital encoder interface
ECF, EMC filters
EMC, Electromagnetic compatibility
GF_eXpress ReadMe
GF_eXpress UserGuide
How to write the applications with the MDPlc on APC300
Modbus, Protocol
PCI-COM, interface
PCI485, PCI485 interface
Quick Guide for writing applications with MDPlc tool
Quick guide for using SoftScope tool (basic software and MDPLC applications)
SBI-COP, CanOpen
SBI-DN, DeviceNet
SBI-OFM/OFS-32 card. installation manual
SBI-PDP32, Profibus DP
TBO, I/O expansion card
USB-RS485 Converter Cable
User Manual TPD32-EV (fw 11.XA)
Catalog ver. 2.74.0
GF_eXpress Catalog APC300 2.x.0
GF_eXpress ver 2.1.32
EDS file, DeviceNet (DNET-1 card for APC200)
EDS file, DeviceNet (for TPD32-EV and TPD32)
GSD File, Profibus (for TPD32-EV)
APC100y-APC200d, Application Board
SBI -SL - User manual
User Manual TPD32-EV (fw 10.X)
User Manual TPD32-EV (fw 11.X)
Softscope, Digital Scope (Ver. 2.89)


EU Conformity declaration_TPD32 EV
EU Conformity declaration_TPD32 EV 650/670
UL Certifications - UL - TPD32 EV 400 500 575 2B 4B frame A B C + TPD32 EV FC series
UL Certifications - UL - TPD32 EV 400 500 575 2B 4B frame D
EU Conformity declaration_TPD32 EV -N/A
EU Conformity declaration_TPD32 EV (Frame E)
EU Conformity declaration_LR3-ADV_LR3y
EU Conformity declaration_LR3
EU Conformity declaration_TPD32EV option boards
EAC Certification 2023

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