Gefran and Macchi: a valuable collaboration in the blown film extrusion sector

March 15, 2021

The Company relies on Gefran as its trusted partner thanks to a complete package of solutions aimed at enhancing the production efficiency of the extruders. The Melt pressure sensors with IO-Link digital output stand out among these.

An Italian company doing business since 1961, Macchi has always been synonymous with technological innovation and continuous growth: evolving from the first two-layer co-extrusion die patent, it now presents the most recent developments in multi-layer lines. Ensuring the highest quality, productivity and sustainability is one of the Company’s strategic objectives, which translates into the careful design of systems capable of responding to the needs of a constantly evolving market.

In this context Gefran’s Melt pressure transmitters with IO-Link digital output have made the difference in optimising the entire extrusion process, including from an industry 4.0 perspective. The precise detection of fluid pressure even at high temperatures is essential in maintaining the quality of the finished product. In addition, the IO-Link interface permits a series of substantive data for predictive maintenance to be acquired. Information such as the values of the maximum pressure and temperature peaks recorded, the total hours the sensor has operated under pressure and the calibration deviation thresholds, allow the development of algorithms capable of ensuring better productivity while at the same time guaranteeing a longer life cycle of the extruder.

Finally, Gefran Solutions guarantees integration of all the systems that make up the extruder, completing the supply of components with a high added value consultancy service for the design, development and construction of electrical panels. On top of this, constant support is provided to Macchi’s R&D division in the creation of ad hoc, multi-platform software for line management in a constant evolutionary process of management logic and process automation. RECOTRIM stands out among the lines involved in this synergy: a unique pelletizing system designed to allow in-line recycling of the side trims produced during film extrusion.

"In addition to extreme reliability in terms of product quality and reduced lead-time, the consultancy aspect is for us the real plus coming out of the collaboration with Gefran" Matteo Spinola, Macchi's Sales & Marketing Director declares. He continues: "From sensors to automation platforms, providing constant assistance even remotely, Gefran is a qualified Partner, capable of proposing innovative solutions and supporting us both in the development of new lines and in the revamping of existing plants, with great flexibility and professionalism". He concludes: “This is a result with its roots in a synergy based on mutual respect as a starting point, shared by both realities, in the name of excellence”.

"Macchi and Gefran are two technological leaders in their respective sectors, who put quality at the forefront of continuous innovation" comments Renzo Privitera, Gefran’s Italian Sales Director for Sensors and Components. He concludes: "We therefore thank the Macchi Company for the constant trust it places in us".

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