GEFRAN S.p.A Shareholders meeting approves the financial statement and appoints the new Board of Directors

April 20, 2017



The Shareholders’ Meeting of Gefran S.p.A. chaired by Ennio Franceschetti was held today on first call. Shareholders approved Gefran S.p.A.’s 2016 financial statements and the Board’s proposal to distribute an ordinary dividend of EUR 0.25 per entitled share before taxes.



The Shareholders’ Meeting also resolved to appoint the members of the Board of Directors for the period 2017-2019: Ennio Franceschetti, Maria Chiara Franceschetti, Giovanna Franceschetti, Andrea Franceschetti, Alberto Bartoli, Daniele Piccolo, Monica Vecchiati, Mario Benito Mazzoleni and Romano Gallus.

At the end of the Shareholders’ Meeting, the new Board of Directors met and appointed Ennio Franceschetti Chairman, Maria Chiara Franceschetti, Vice-Chairman, and Alberto Bartoli, whose proxies will take effect from May 2, Chief Executive Officer.

Alberto Bartoli was born in Brescia in 1960 and has a degree in Economics and Commerce. He has twenty years’ experience in the Sabaf Group, where he held the position of Director of Administration, Finance Control before becoming the Group's Chief Executive Officer in 2012.

“The results of the year 2016 confirmed the efficacy of the strategic approach adopted by Gefran, founded on a greater focus on the company’s core business, in terms of both products offered and geographic areas served, and an overall increase in the efficiency of the organisation”, comments Maria Chiara Franceschetti, CEO of Gefran Spa to the present date. “The trends in the principal economic and financial indicators have been steadily positive in the past few quarters, as confirmed in the first quarter of 2017: on March 31, sales and margins (EBIT and EBTIDA) were in line with targets.”

The work of the past three years will be continued by the new CEO, a manager with the experience and know-how required to guide a company that operates on a global scale in sectors with a high rate of innovation.


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