July 29, 2016

K 2016, to be held in Dusseldorf from 19 to 26 October, is internationally acknowledged as the foremost event for presenting new technologies designed for the plastic processing industry: Gefran will attend with a stand (Hall 10 – Stand F20) devoted to its technology and innovation, representing the added value of the extensive Gefran product catalog.

At K 2016, Gefran, an Italian manufacturer of automation components, sensors, and inverters, will present its latest products for tomorrow’s industry: devices that bring remote control and connectivity directly to the field, with eco-friendly, energy-efficient functions conforming to the most recent safety directives.

Gefran will exhibit inverters, automation platforms, regulators and power controllers that increase the efficiency of production processes, reduce energy consumption, exchange data with the factory computer system for optimized process control, reduce set-up times and downtimes, and anticipate preventive maintenance procedures.

The new regulators with intuitive touchscreen and Ethernet ports can record processes of hours, days, and months, and then transmit them to the web and even to the cloud to make them accessible all over the world. An additional step toward the Internet of things (IoT).

Attention to the environment means using eco-friendly material. The enormous range of Gefran melt pressure sensors offers patented sensors – entirely fluid-free – filled with eco-friendly media or green (mix of sodium-potassium and FDA-approved diathermic oil), all fully compliant with the RoHS Directive.
Maximum attention is also given to machine safety, which, therefore, also means operator safety. Gefran sensors, certified PL‘c’ and SIL2, conform to the principal safety instructions in the Machinery Directive, rather than by specific product standards such as EN1114-1.

Gefran inverters are equipped with an integrated safety solution (STO – SIL3, class PLE) that allows disabling of the motor without the use of safety contactors in output to the drive, guaranteeing conformity to the Machinery Directive.

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Gefran Talent Academy

We have an ongoing commitment to help our talent reach their full potential. This is why we have created FLY, Gefran’s Talent Academy. The aim of FLY is to build the company of tomorrow by creating value for the Group and its people today.