October 15, 2012

Provaglio d’Iseo, October 2012 – After the new ONP1-A profile series launch and after the extension of the ONDA technology to the MK4-A high-end series, it’s the time of the IK4-A rod-style magnetostrictive transducers series to be updated with the new technological solution patented by Gefran and distinguished by the sensor’s structure simplicity.

The extension of the ONDA technology to the IK4-A series allows the optimization of the product range’s price/performances ratio, making this series Higher performing and more competitive. In this way, today it’s possible to obtain the typical IK4-A series benefits also in applications where, in the past, the significant cost of the magnetostrictive technology was a limit to its installation, especially for longer strokes.

The most revolutionary news brought by the ONDA technology consists in the dead zones reduction: by maintaining the initial dead zone compatibility (47,5 mm), the IK4 series end dead zone has been reduced by 8,5 mm compared to the pre-existing model. And if this shouldn’t be enough, the new SK4-A series joins the IK4-A series: keeping the same structure of the IK4-A, it allows a further dead zones reduction of 25 mm!!!

Between the other specifications of the IK4-A and SK4-A series with ONDA technology, guaranteeing an advanced performance level, there are some exclusive mechanical solutions such as the rotatable connector head that allows the connector to be placed in the most convenient position after the sensor installation.

The transducer’s IP67 mechanical structure doesn’t change while the available connection types increase on both the series: DIN 45322 6 pin, DIN45326 8 pin or M12 5 pin and 8 pin  connectors or, again, PVC and PUR cable outputs with different lengths.

Also the accuracy values continue to guarantee the highest performance level: a maximum linearity error of ±0,02% of the stroke and an absolute repeatability in the order of 0,01 mm guarantee a precise and reliable detection with all the available interfaces and options, on the whole strokes range, from 50 to 4000 mm for the IK4-A series and from 50 to 1000 mm for the SK4-A series.

Thanks to these performances, the IK4-A ONDA series, together with the brand new SK4-A ONDA series, represents the ideal solution for those industrial applications where the transducer installation inside a cylinder is requested, especially when the maximum dimensions reduction is necessary: from the plastic and rubber molding applications to the metal and material working market, up to those tougher applications in the lift and handling market.

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