The Gefran GFW controller range expands: even more powerful, safe and 4.0

May 25, 2017

Just a few years after the launch of Gefran GFW settable power controllers, the company has expanded the range with new versions, with the same look & feel but with even more comprehensive functions and benefits for the user.

Already available in current capacities from 40 A up to 250 A per phase (for linear and non linear loads, including transformers), now the range is enriched by new generation GFW models from 400A to 600 A - 690V, ideal for high power applications.

The new controllers stand out for their extended preventive maintenance functions, ultra-compact dimensions and sturdiness.

Temperature sensors in GFW 400 A and 600 A represent an exclusive strength. They are located in the most sensitive parts of the controllers and guarantee continuous temperature monitoring with power block to protect both the controllers and plants. This feature allows GFW400 and GFW600 to always keep the heat situation under control and guarantees essential preventive diagnostics.

Each three-phase controller was designed with 12 sensors and 6 of these are placed near line and load terminals to indicate critical overheating situations that can be generated by terminals irregularly closed or loosened during use. These situations are frequent and, in some cases, can generate sparks, short circuits or even fire in the worst cases.

Other 3 temperature sensors read the fan intake air temperature to monitor real cooling efficiency and signal when it diminishes, for example due to dust filter clogs.

The new controllers stand out for their compact dimensions: the three-phase 600 Ampere version measures 335x350x290 mm (WxHxD) and includes fuses and fans. Thanks to their compact size, the GFW models can be installed in any plant to be revamped without having to “make room” in electrical cabinets.

Their sturdiness in particularly severe environmental conditions, due to the attentive and stringent design from the thermal standpoint, has allowed rated currents to be stated at a temperature of 50°C.

The mechanical design is particularly attentive: the result provides extreme flexibility in power connection, as this can be created with either copper bars, single wire or double wire, thanks to the use of a simple mechanical adapter.

Controllers are managed by settable analogue inputs, digital inputs in PWM and the serial line. Settable analogue outputs can retransmit any controlled variable to indicators and the PLC.

The generous Field equipment completes the GFW range, permitting Ethernet connections for remote service and cloud storage.

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