May 02, 2015

Gefran launches its new 1350 PID temperature controller to complete the 650/1250 series, featuring simple programming and use, scheduled maintenance functions, KWh counters and output switching cycles.

The entire line, composed of the 650 (1/16 DIN), 1250 (1/8 DIN) and 1350 (1/4 DIN), has a complete and user-friendly HMI for easy reading of data on a wide, bright, and comprehensive LCD display.

The 1350’s large visible area (83 x 68 mm) puts this temperature controller at the top of its segment because of the importance given to the HMI.

The controller has three displays: the temperature is always visible (even from a distance) thanks to large numbers and white-on-black contrast.

The second (green) display shows the setpoint, which can be changed with the up-down keys on the 6-key mechanical keypad. The third (alphameric) display has 7 amber figures for direct and immediate interaction during initial configuration and operation. Scrolling messages (each with 32 characters) in the operator’s language provide constant and precise information on the state of the controlled process.

The setpoint programmer versions offer two additional displays with the current program number and step number, while the configurable alphameric messages let you comment on every step of the program to best describe the various process stages.

A large horizontal bargraph always provides immediate visual information on any critical variable that may need constant monitoring.

These controllers are easy to configure with the GF_eXpress programming tool for PC (with Wizard pages) and the new Zapper portable battery-operated programmer that directly powers the controllers during configuration and lets you copy and paste entire recipes with two simple keys, making it ideal for use in the field.

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