Gefran S.p.A. preliminary consolidated results to 31 December 2017

18 February, 2018

On the agenda was the examination by the directors of the Group's preliminary consolidated results, which – as anticipated in the previous quarters – largely exceed the group's targets for the year just ended.

In fact, revenues amounted to EUR 128.6 million, up 7.8% compared to EUR 118.6 million in 2016. EBITDA reached 14.8% on turnover, and compares with an EBITDA margin of 9.5% in 2016. EBIT reached 8.7% on turnover (It 4.3% in 2016).

The excellent performance of the group is mainly related to the increase in revenues and to the product mix, where sensors grew by over 16%.

Approval of the draft financial statements and consolidated financial statements is set for 13 March 2018.


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