Main features & Overview


ADV200 IP54 is designed to facilitate the installation in systems requiring a sturdy protective structure against dust and water splashing.

Available for industrial applications (ADV200-E54 version), HVAC and water treatment applications (ADV200-WA-E54 version).

Refer to drives ADV200 and ADV200-WA


I/O expansion cards, which can be combined based on the machine’s requirements

  • Interface for integrated field buses: ProfiBus, CANopen, DeviceNet, GDNet, EtherCAT, Industrial Ethernet(*), ProfiNet, BACnet and LonWorks.


(*)Compatible to industry standards


Field-oriented vector inverter from 7.5 to 90 kW in IP54 enclosure

* Power supply:

- 3 x 380…480Vca, 50/60Hz


* Motor power from 7.5 kW (10 Hp) to 90 kW (125 Hp)

* Certifications: CE


Sturdy metal enclosure

  • 3 mechanical sizes for power ranging between 7.5 and 90 kW
  • Type of motor: asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous motors
  • Regulation control modes: FOC speed feedback, FOC with open loop, V/F
  • Max Output frequency 500Hz
  • DC side choke
  • Integrated EMC filter
  • Integrated Dynamic Braking Module (up to 55 kW)
  • Overload according with IEC146 Class 1 and Class 2
  • Light duty or heavy duty overload management
  • Up to 4 options on board




Gefran product range brochure
Inverter System, ADV200 IP54 Packaged
EXP-RES-I1R1-ADV, Resolver expansion card (≥ fw 6.0.4)
Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) Information
ADV200 WA, Functions description and parameters list (Fw 2.X.1)
ADV200, Quick Guide to writing programs with MDPlc
Catalog Read Me
EMC, Electromagnetic compatibility
EXP-CAN-DN-ADV, CANopen / DeviceNet interface expansion card
EXP-DE-I2R1F2-ADV, Encoder expansion card (≥ Fw 3.X.X)
EXP-ENSSI-I1R1F2-ADV, Encoder expansion card (≥ Fw 3.X.X)
EXP-ETH-CAT-ADV, EtherCAT interface expansion card
EXP-ETH-GD-ADV, GDNet interface expansion card
EXP-ETH-IP-ADV, Industrial Ethernet interface expansion card
EXP-ETH-PN-ADV200, Profinet interface card for ADV200
EXP-FL-XCAN-ADV, CAN Master Controller & FastLink interface
EXP-IO-D5R8-ADV, I/O Expansion card
EXP-IO-D6A4R1-ADV, I/O Expansion card
EXP-PDP-ADV, Profibus DP interface expansion card
EXP-SENS-100-ADV, I/O Expansion card
EXP-SENS-1000-ADV, I/O Expansion card
GF_eXpress ReadMe
GF_eXpress UserGuide
How to write the applications with the MDPlc on ADV200
KTY84-D01, temperature sensor drive interface
Modbus RTU
OPT-485-ADV, RS485 optoinsulator for point-to-point/multidrop connections
PTC-D01, PTC temperature sensor drive interface
Quick Guide for writing applications with MDPlc tool
Quick guide for using SoftScope tool (basic software and MDPLC applications)
Safe torque off function (on ADV-...-SI models)
ADV200 WA-4, Quick Start (fw 2.X.1) + ENERGY EFF CERTIFICATE
ADV200-4, Quick Start (fw 7.X.19) + ENERGY EFF CERTIFICATE
Catalog ver. 2.91.0
GF_eXpress ver 2.1.39
EDS file, CANopen (for ADV200 fw 7.X.7)
EDS file, DeviceNet (for ADV200 fw ≥ 6.X.X)
GSD File, Profibus (for ADV200 fw ≥ 6.X.X)
GSDML file, Profinet (for ADV200 fw ≥ 7.0.1)
XML file, Ethercat (for ADV200 fw ≥ 5.X.X)
SoftScope 3, User manual (Ver.
1S9O02, ADV200 ver 1.X.0 (Note: need E@syDrives 2.48 or higher)
E@syDrives 2.48 (for ADV200 ver 1.X.0 and lower)
SoftScope 3, Digital Scope (Ver.
Profidrive Certification no. Z30042 for: ADV200, ADV200-EH, ADV200-LC, ADV200-HO, ADV200-WA
Profinet Certification no. Z10808 for: ADV200, ADV200-EH, ADV200-LC, ADV200-HO, ADV200-WA


EU Conformity declaration_ADV200-4 (sizes 4-5-6)
EU Conformity declaration_ADV200-4 -M/S
EU Conformity declaration_ADV option boards
EU Conformity declaration_ADV200-4 (sizes 1-2-3)