Training for GEFRAN people

The development of skills and people is a fundamental value. With this awareness, we have over the years launched and promoted many programmes, initiatives and collaborative ventures to achieve it. These activities are an integral part of our strategic vision to develop the company's potential.



Individual and group assessments are used to map the level of specific skills so as to can highlight strengths to build on and gaps to fill with regard to job or project requirements.

Development pathways

Tailor-made development pathways are put together using proven methods such as coaching, tutoring, sparring partnerships and on-the-job training using the STAR model (Situation, Task, Action, Results).

Specialist courses

In-depth specialist courses and master’s degrees are offered to develop technical skills.

MbAs and postgraduate degrees 

MBAs and master’s degrees develop management skills and offer the opportunity to interact with peers in different subject areas, an invaluable way of influencing and learning from others.

Ongoing training

Ongoing training is provided.

Focus Group

Workers constantly participate in specific focus groups to promote engagement with the company aims and priorities as well as the process at continous improvement.