Wellfran – People in Gefran – is the set of initiatives and actions through which Gefran looks after its employees’ wellbeing, where wellbeing is understood in a holistic sense and, at the same time, as the ability of people to achieve their full potential.
The logo that we have chosen to represent Wellfran has several meanings but is based on a single key concept: there is common ground where each of us can cultivate our uniqueness.


The elements that stand out the most are the two flowers: a flower garden is not just something beautiful but it tells us that the soil in which these flowers grow is fertile. If you look carefully, you will see that the “petals” of these flowers are people whose “feet” are in the same soil but each of them facing outward in their own direction.
The colours and shapes remind us of the importance of diversity: the uniqueness of the people who make up our organisation and make it strong.