过程控制是热处理的关键。杰佛伦提供一系列电气热处理最佳工艺控制解决方案, 从小型实验室窑到大的金属/玻璃/硅炉。
这些产品功能包阔: 能源效率,预防性维护,先进过程控制和过程数据的存储和管理。
产品范围: 指示灯和报警装置,单一和多回路PID控制器,动力装置阻性负载,短波红外灯,集成控制功能,自动化的多I / O控制电加热,以及数据记录和存储



The overcurrent fault protection (OFP) in heat treatment

Temperature adjustment and control are critical in heat treatment applications. The overcurrent fault protection (OFP) fuses are usually used to protect systems from breakdowns. But these fuses are very expensive because they involve very precise and repeatable melting energy.

Gefran has patented a new solution that guarantees savings in terms of cost of replacement parts, labor, and down-time. 

Case histories for 电炉

电炉 - 主机厂, 系统集成供应商, 终端用户
Isoclima (B.H.T.) -  High performance glass

Isoclima (B.H.T.) - High performance glass

ISOCLIMA is the world’s leading producer of high-performance glass.
B.H.T. srl builds furnaces to temper curved and flat glass, and required an efficient application to manage a furnace with 520 temperature zones for a flat glass production plant.

电炉 - 主机厂, 系统集成供应商, 终端用户
Linn - Inductive heated lab furnace

Linn - Inductive heated lab furnace

Linn, a specialist in industrial furnaces, needed to setup an induction for melting tests on several metals (from platinum to iron). Induction furnaces are electrical furnaces in which the heat is applied by induction heating of metal.
The advantage of an induction furnace is a clean, energy-efficient and well-controllable melting process compared to most other means of metal melting.

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