升降机领域总是要求更高的性能,更高的系统运行速度,高能效,当然最重要的是,乘客的舒适性和安全性。杰佛伦通过与世界上知名电梯主机商的合作在民用电梯行业,享誉一定的口碑, 广泛的产品线可以满足各种系统需求。此外,杰佛伦在发达经济市场的覆盖使得它在技术和法规方面具备预知市场动向的能力。
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How can you save money in the lift sector?

Energy saving is a critical issue in the lift sector. Reducing the energy used on production lines means containing operating costs and safeguarding the environment.

Gefran’s new inverters with integrated Active Front End (AFE) technology can save you more than 50% compared to a system controlled by a traditional drive. Don’t wait: save energy. Choose Gefran inverters!

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升降机 - 主机厂, 系统集成供应商, 终端用户
MIKOSIS -  Lift control systems and panel

MIKOSIS - Lift control systems and panel

MI-KO-SIS, a leading designer and builder of lift control systems and panel, has created a lift controller for an industrial system with a nominal carrying capacity of 15 tonnes, driven at 0.63 meters/second for a height of 35 meters and 6 stops. The components in these systems must supply adequate power for lifting as well as ensure maximum safety and reliability.
The control panel, which uses Gefran’s ADL300 lift inverters matched with MI-KO-SIS’s G2 control systems, provides quality and performance levels that satisfy all requirements.

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