IN-4000 set

Main features & Overview


The IN-4000 SET measures in the injection moulding machine the nozzle pressure compare to the injection pressure.
This is especially important in processes according to ISO9000. The Nozzle pressure sensor is mounted with magnetic force.
The nozzle injector of the injection moulding machine press directly on the nozzle adapter which protects the sensor against damage. After that the sensor will be loaded with the melt of the injection pressure.
The Heater band warms the sensor up to 230°C so that the melt in the conical chamber remains liquide.
This allows multiple measurements with different injection pressure.


  •  Measurements up to 4000bar nozzle pressure and melt temperature of 400°C.
  •  Multishot measurements at temperatures <230°C with different levels of pressure.
  •  Simple magnetic installation without screws.
  •  Combine the IN Sensor together with the Nozzle touch force sensor.
  •  Ideal for service and development (measurements during operation are not possible).
  •  Scope of delivery: IN Sensor, Controle and display device, Heater band, Nozzle adapter, Magnetic adap¬ter, Magnetic base and carrying case


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