GF Designer HD

Main features & Overview


GF_Designer HD is the new development environment for Gefran eView HD and GF Connect products; it completes the range of products by offering the most up-to-date functions for connectivity, device management, data visualization, trends, with simple and functional tools for the creation of local HMI pages, web, alarms, dashboards etc. for the realization of complete automation systems it must be used in combination with the new eView BOX CPU.


HMI development environment for products:

GF_eView HD


Available environment and tools:

  • local HMI graphic page creation tool
  • web HMI graphic page creation tool
  • alarm creation and email messaging tool
  • trend creation tool
  • Data Sampling creation tool
  • gateway management tool
  • PDF report creation tool

- Examples of use

- PDF format manuals


GF Designer Overview
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