Main features & Overview


Powerful and compact IR12 and IR24 Multichannel Power Controllers are the ideal solution for heating systems that use any type of infrared lamps.

With an “all-in-one” philosophy, all of the elements needed for complete control of IR lamp groups (for total power up to 60 kW) are contained in a robust, compact metal container that mounts on the wall.

There are various models: IR-24 with 24 independent control output and IR-12 with 12 outputs, both with Modbus RTU or Profinet Fieldbus communication options.


  • 12 and 24 independent 9A channels
  • Fast Zero-Crossing, Half-Single-Cycle and Phase-Angle control
  • Built-in extra-rapid fuses
  • Current balancing with time-sharing
  • Voltage swing compensation
  • Voltage and current diagnostics (interrupted load, line voltage)
  • Diagnostics of SCR temperature, SCR short circuit, open fuse
  • Modbus and Profinet communication


Gefran product range brochure
Power control
GSDML file, Profinet (for IR-12/IR-24)
4.0 Gefran product catalog
4.0 plastic application catalogue
Datasheet IR-12 & IR-24
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GF_eXpress ReadMe
GF_eXpress UserGuide
HW - Installation and Operation Manual
SW - Programming and Configuration
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Profinet Certification - IR-12/24
UK Conformity declaration - IR