CPU modules

Main features & Overview


PLC and graphic functions managed by CPU module.

The front of the module is equipped with a standard DVI-D output and several connection ports (e.g. Ethernet, CAN, serials , USB).

eCPU400 modules are provided with Intel's Atom processor E6xx series.


  • PLC management and graphic functions
  • standard IEC 61131-3 programming: complete support of all languages
  • powered by rack back-plane
  • no maintenance: fanless; no moving parts
  • high data storage capacity: 2 GB solid state mass memory (diskless)
  • connectors positioned in the front panel
  • basic model with one DVI-D , two USB and one Ethernet ports
  • fieldbus options: second Ethernet port for GDNet (Fast Ethernet) communication; CAN port for CANopen Master communication
  • serial options: one RS485 and one RS232 ports
  • available SD card slot for data storage ( to be ordered separately)


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EU Conformity declaration_EPCLOGIC400