Main features & Overview


The DU-4USB Monitor is an industrial signal amplifier and monitor for strain gauges and strain sensors.

It is connected to the PC via the USB port.

The measured values are displayed directly on the PC screen using by the „Inspectmate“ software.

Force mesurement on tie bars displays in kN or tons and diameter input. Strain measurement displays in με (micro strain).

Direct switch units and change parameters.

The handling is very user-friendly, the robust aluminium housing ideal for harsh environments.

The 4-channel DU-4USB digital monitor box can only be operated in conjunction with a PC.

Application: The device DU-4USB is used in conjunction with tie bar strain-sensors of the Sensormate AG for the control of the clamping force on presses, injection-moulding and die-casting machines.


  • Available for all Sensormate sensors (2/4 bridges)
  • Direct display of the measured values in με, kN or t
  • High accuracy and stable reset
  • Robust aluminium housing (IP50)
  • USB connection for tie bar adjustment software and power supply



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