QE1008-W SET

Main features & Overview


The compact set is ready in minutes and allows the alignment of Injection Molding Machines in the shortest time possible. The QE1008W is mounted in seconds and needs no cables.
It presses strain gages under the stainless protective foil by means of 2 magnets that strongly onto the surface to be measured that friction replaces the bonding normally used to fix strain gages. The mounting is very fast, and the strain gage is protected.
The sensor can not be overloaded.
The integrated amplifier and wireless module make this unit a state-of-the-art sensor with unsurpassed features and ease of use.
One charge of the battery lasts 8 hours.
The QE1008W-Set allows quick alignment of structures (e.g. presses) with 4 tie bars without the need of torque wrenches or any other tool.


System for tie bar measurement with wireless transmission.


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