Gefran in support of the local area

Management of the ethical, environmental and social impact at all levels of the supply chain is considered one of the keys to the success of the Group's business.

As a multinational corporation, Gefran purchases raw materials, products and services from suppliers in various countries, with different cultural, social and economic contexts. This is why we defined a policy establishing general standards for assessment of suppliers and the basic principles characterising the Group’s approach to sustainable management of the supply chain. This document, called the Sustainability Pact, supplements the principles of the Global Compact and the Group's Code of Ethics and Conduct with aspects relating to environmental, reputational and financial risk and has been signed by all our most important suppliers.

The strong ties between Gefran and the local area in which it operates also mean collaboration, support and participation. This conviction has led to a long-standing strategic partnership with the University of Brescia and the CMST technology centre. Similar collaborations exist with universities in many other countries in which we operate. The Group also promotes various social, medical and educational initiatives addressed to local associations rooted in the area.

Sustainability Strategic Plan 2020 - Update November 2021
Strategic sustainability plan 2020

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