Gefran SCCR 100KA-600V approved power controllers

19 Nisan 2017, Çarşamba

Gefran, leader in the design and production of industrial process control devices, has always been at the forefront in machine and operator safety.


Now, in fact, Gefran GFW (100A, 200A, 250A) and GTF (200A e 250A) series power controllers are SCCR 100KA approved (Short Circuit Current Rating) 600V according to UL 508. This is an important confirmation of the safety level Gefran devices guarantee for users. This approval also significantly simplifies UL certification (according to UL508A) for electrical panels that use Gefran power controllers in North America.

Passing UL certified tests confirms the durability and design of Gefran power controllers that, even in the event of substantial short circuits (100,000A), protect individuals and plants against hazards and risks.



An additional confirmation of Gefran's strong commitment to product safety. This approval is an addition to the sensors that are PL‘c’ and SIL2 certified, implementing the key safety indications dictated by the Machinery Directive as well as specific product standards such as EN1114-1. Moreover, the safety solutions (STO – SIL3, category PLE) integrated in Gefran inverters that disable the motor without using drive output safety contactors ensure compliance with the machine safety directive.


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