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Gefran offers precision devices for measuring process variables: temperature, power, pressure and position. The primary elements are produced in clean rooms protected from any interference and equipped with hi-tech instrumentation.
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Controllers, indicator and power control

This is a complete range of products for indicating and calibrating process variables. Regulators and indicators, solid state relays and power controllers are developed continuously to provide top performance while optimising the processes and energy consumption of the customer’s systems. Gefran also designs and builds complete electric panels for the automation of machines used in manufacturing plastics. A dedicated unit works with machine manufacturers to develop customised solutions.

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Drives & Motion Control

This is a complete range of electric drives to regulate the velocity of AC and DC motors, inverters and converters. Products are designed and manufactured using cutting-edge technologies at the modern Drive & Motion Control plant in Gerenzano. Gefran also offers custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of every customer.
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Automation Platform

Gefran Soluzioni designs and manufactures automation devices, electrical panels and control software for industrial processes.

With over 15,000 machines installed and know-how for scores of applications, Gefran Soluzioni has time-tested expertise and offers its customers (both OEMs and final users) advanced machine and process control solutions.
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